Education Solutions

Keeping students, teachers, and staff safe from violence, bullying, and harassment, creates an encouraging environment that promotes social and creative learning.

Security technology is a crucial tool, when used effectively with proper staff training and safety procedures. Installing Zenitel’s IP intercoms and speakers allows you to see and hear what’s happening, control access and provide a safer environment for everyone on campus.

Protection of Students with Access Control at Entrances and Gates

Unexpected visits occur all the time. To strengthen access control, schools and universities use Zenitel’s intercom stations at entrances and gates.

School visitors and staff are required to use them to gain access to building during school hours.

Public Address for General Information and Emergencies

Whether you’re providing general information throughout the school or to specific sections, Zenitel’s products will meet your needs. They also assist in responding to emergency situations with both pre-recorded and manual announcements.

Efficient Communication with Teachers and Students

Efficient communication is crucial in schools and universities. Zenitel’s intercoms help you with daily operations and the handling of emergency situations, by providing high-quality and easy-to-use products in classrooms, labs, hallways and common areas.

Information and Emergency Points

Zenitel’s stations allow communication to and from hallways, common areas, classrooms, and other key points throughout the school. Thus, Zenitel ensures that you can provide important information quickly and clearly, and that teachers and students have easy access to help if they face threatful situations.

Administration and School Offices

In addition to allowing you to answer calls from intercom stations, Zenitel’s desktop stations make public announcements simple. And through the Zenitel Mobile app, forwarding calls from your desk to your mobile phone is no problem either.

The Zenitel Difference

Seamless Integration

Reliable communication between different systems is important. Zenitel shares information through common protocols or dedicated drivers with other parts of the security system like Access Control and Video Cameras to enable automated processes.

This makes it easier for your security team to work much more efficiently when faced with critical events.

Integrated Communication

Efficient communication requires a single integrated communication platform.

Zenitel supports open protocols such as SIP that make it simple and straightforward to do all your communication from one central console. 

Superior Audio Quality

Your ability to hear, be heard and be understood in emergency situations is essential.

Zenitel’s Intelligent Communication systems are used in schools and universities globally, due to their unrivaled sound and audio quality.