Intercom Systems

Over 70 years in the communications market is what separates Zenitel from the rest of the intercom providers.

One of our specialties is Critical Communications over IP (CCoIP). These have features and functions so advanced our systems have been implemented and proven in the most demanding of environments.

ICX AlphaCom Platform

Intelligent Communication Platform provides management and security services and allows for seamless integration into the cloud and other applications.

SIP Intercom

Offering Zenitel’s IP product range in SIP-mode is a natural progression in our long history driven by innovation. It is a result of our dedication to provide the customers with the best products that work anywhere in any iPBX system.

IC-Edge Series

Enabled by a new technologies like cloud intelligence, big data & machine learning, and human interfaces with voice control, the next generation of Intelligent Communication systems will blend in the new reality of Internet of Things and smart devices.